Workshop 1: Improving Regional enactment of DP law and establishing Authorities - "How do we convince African Nations to pass the law and establish independent authorities?"Workshop 2: General Awareness and individual Privacy as a fundamental human right – ‘Considering the diverse cultures and specific challenges such as literacy levels and internet penetration levels, what best practice exist in Data Subject awareness in this region?’Workshop 3: Relevance of international conventions ‘how practical, realistic and applicable are the international conventions to the African Region?’Workshop 4: African Data Protection & Privacy in the global cyber space ‘What is the regional status, the global impact and actions required to protect individual privacy in the cyber space?’Workshop 5: Data Protection & Privacy and Financial Inclusion in Africa ‘How do we ensure the continuous protection of personal data and privacy with the increased use of inclusive and mobile Financial Technology in the region?’Workshop 6: Technological Advancement, Digitization, and Data Controller Accountability – ‘Research, tools, frameworks, innovations and other resources available’Workshop 7: Ethical Approaches and processing for the global good – ‘a focus on the African Region’Workshop 8: Identifying individuals in the Digital Economy – More than a number: How can we ensure the protection of personal data in new and future digital identity systems?Workshop 9: Processing for religious reasons - Should African Churches implement a Privacy Program?

The Commission provides for the process to obtain, hold, use or disclose personal information and for other related issues bordering on the protection of personal data.